Welcome to the Department of Medical Informatics Göttingen

The Department of Medical Informatics of the University Medical Centre Göttingen is part of the Centre for Informatics of the Georg-August-University Göttingen and cofounder of the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities. Prof. Dr. Otto Rienhoff (Curriculum Vitae), physician, health informatics scientist and former scholar of Prof. Dr. P. L. Reichertz, heads this department since 1995. The department team consists of about 40 employees who develop and evaluate IT-solutions in health care.

Current research projects focus on prototypes of IT-systems for health care professions and health care institutions as well as on aspects of eScience and eResearch. There is a close cooperation with self-help groups of patients, with research networks, and with industrial enterprises. The results of research, which are regularly presented on trade fairs, have a broad group of users within the German research landscape.

The results are also channeled directly into the teaching activities of the department: about 80 students aim for the Master of Science or for a PhD in Medical Informatics.



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Otto Rienhoff
Prof. Dr. med. Otto Rienhoff
Department Head
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